Latest news coronavirus and precautions covid 19 india locked down

Latest news coronavirus and precautions covid 19

All right the latest news break coming in right now the fifth coronavirus jet in India has been reported it is an Italian tourist; who was infected with the coronavirus and reports of her death are filtering in the Italian tourist was admitted to an isolation ward of Jeffers SN s hospital.
Latest news coronavirus and precautions covid 19

All right that's the latest that we are getting in I want to connect to my colleague Dave Runkle; what happened who is joining us you know Dave this is unfortunate because there were indications earlier that you know whatever the cocktail of medicines that the Jaipur doctors were using to possibly aid recovery.

In coronavirus was working we had one Italian tourist who was cured off coronavirus but give us details on this death of this Italian tourists here he was a part of renderers who had arrived from Italy both the husband and the wife for detected bridge coronavirus;

In fact, .they had traveled through several areas or pieces in gear for inserting Rajasthan including for their poor Jews and their children and Jaipur the husband was rejected first with the coronavirus he was admitted at the Savoy month in hospital later on his wife was also detected with coronavirus.

She too was impotent isolation board at the SNS Hospital in Jaipur, the portioning part of the story was that later on both the husband and wife had shown signs of getting clothes from the corona wife virus both of they had, later on, turned negative but unfortunately;-

the tourist had been suffering from mummies action and kidney infection; which had spread so much that he has passed away so clearly the first take because of coronavirus in Rajasthan is the same man okay I want to just confirm with you he's the same man who was 69 years old his wife was 70 years old his wife had tested negative and then they said that his viral load was coming down he's that man and now due to complications, he passed away absolutely the same person.

who was admitted in Jaipur 69 years old his viral load was earlier that to behind her the wife was detected positive and later on turned negative for the corona virus the husband was still kept at that's why month in the hospital because he was yet to be fully cured, unfortunately.

He has passed away because of as I mentioned the complications that regard to the lung infection and the kidney infection I've spoken to the doctors at the concerned doctor at the hospital the principal office will be wondering sometime back and he mentioned to me that the combination of drugs of malaria swine flu as well as two HIV drugs.
India locked down corona

which are used as a second line of treatment for HIV had been working on these than interests the Vipers own negative earlier and the husband who was admitted the payment medicines were also showing signs of improvement unfortunately the complications.

which happened perhaps because of getting contracted by the coronavirus seems to have taken his life away pretty so this is unfortunate news that is coming in Dave I want you because they were a group of tourists are there more Italians, who are right now still at survive mother or hospital and what are you picking up on their condition well sweetie this was an entire into Rajpath Italian tourists as I mentioned we traveled through.

They put gel mill children and also in the airport once they were in Jaipur this Italian tourists who have passed away was detected with coronavirus he was kept at an isolation ward at the same hospital the rest of the tourists had traveled a base from Rajasthan and moved to Europe in Agra and over there.

I believe 16 Italian tourists what did they tip with coronavirus and they were later on taken to Delhi where they were tested even the driver of this entire fleet was affected .and he too had come out to be positive for corona wire as of now as things stand these two were admitted at the SMS Hospital the wife was later shifted to the Rajasthan University Health Sciences Hospital.

because she had turned negative and she was on the way to her recovery and that is why she was no longer at the hospital but the husband continued to Beal at the hospital because his viral load was hired and he was kept under observation at the SMS isolation ward and later on he too was administered the same combination of drugs.

when his viral load had come down the doctors mentioned that he too has done negative but he had to be kept under observation for some more days before he could be shifted to another hospital.but, unfortunately, has not been able to survive the kind of complications that have happened perhaps because of the virus appreciate you joining us live and thank you and unfortunate that we are confirming the fifth death right now.

The fifth death in India is of the An Italian tourist who was admitted in Jaipur all right so this morning's coming in for fresh Karuna virus cases have been reported in lucknow2020 a woman amongst four infected with coronavirus in Lucknow all four coronavirus infected patients undergoing treatment in KGMU now total positive cases in u.p. 

I have now reached 23 I want to connect to my colleague Neil on choose joining us for the latest update and also when you talk us through to the four new positive cases that have emerged well pretty for positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in Lucknow. this is what King George Medical University has confirmed so there are a total of 8 positive coronavirus cases in the state capital and all the eight patients are have been kept at an isolation ward at King George Medical University. there are a total of 23 positive cases of coronavirus in UP.

According to the state government if patients who were tested positive for coronavirus have been discharged and they have been declared cured the state government has taken a lot of precautionary measure in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, we are right nowhere at Adam at an intersection near Chief Minister's house.

In short;-

IF you can see that coatings have been put up here are wearing people about the precautions they can take in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak all the schools and colleges in U.P. have been shot till April 2 and also, all tourism destinations have been closed for visitors as a precautionary measure so yes a lot of precautions are being taken by the state government but and their more than 1,200 beds have been reserved.

At district hospitals and medical colleges across the state chief Forester yogi Ichabod is constantly monitoring the situation and is also holding review meetings with the top officials of the Health Department and all the prominent bureaucrats so four more cases have been reported in Lucknow and they have also been kept at an isolation ward at the KGMU hospital back to you all right.

Thank you for joining us and we'll keep coming back to you so for Fred cases been reported in Lucknow now that takes the toll-totally 223 for the state of Uttar Pradesh 23 positive cases in Uttar Pradesh everyone 3t Chaudhary hope you like this context and subscribe to the
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