Robotic Arm is the most important of all the robots that are used in the industry. Robotic Arm performs various tasks like picking, turning, sorting, placing, etc. as part of automating all the steps in manufacturing. Building a Robotic Arm is the only way to learn about the robotic arm. The wireless robotic arm will be connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth and can be controlled by an Android App.

The whole circuit is powered by the 12-volt adapter and an Arduino Nano is used as the controlling unit. The servo motor for the robotic arm is controlled by an android mobile. The communication between the mobile phone and the servo robot arm is done by Bluetooth module HC-05. By building this project you will learn about;-

Arduino architecture and its programming-

Arduino Architecture. The processor of the Arduino board uses the architecture; where the program code and program data have separate memory. It consists of two memories such as program memory and data memory. Wherein the data is stored in data memory and the code is stored in the flash program memory.


  1. They can manipulate objects a small as a phone screw and at the same time move the entire Model across production lines.
  2. They can move in up to 7 DOF (degrees of freedom) which is the same as your hand+arm. And they can reach their backs, you can’t.
  3. They can lift 100 kg dumbbells 24/7 without resting.
  4. They can work on Mars.
  5. They work on electricity, supplied from portable batteries to generators.
Robotic arms can be used for a variety of purposes. If you are speaking about a prosthetic arm, it not only gives people their arm back but can also give them improved abilities, like not getting injuries on their arm or even making them stronger. For industrial purposes, the fact that arms can be automated gives the productivity of an endless amount of workers that never tire, never get bored, and need very little supervision. In the future, they may be able to even make replicas of themselves, and I believe there already are some self-replicating robots.


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