HYDRAULIC PRESS MACHINE final year projects


Some models of the hydraulic press machine include the c-type hand-operated press, c-type power operated, H-type power operated press. The pressing equipment is built with great versatility and designed to run at variable strokes and die sizes. They are developed to handle various production needs and different tool sizes as production demands. The ability to have variable stroke length allows for various applications including punching, straightening, pressing, transfer molding and other applications. Due to the variable stroke length, a wide range of die heights can be used and still be able to maintain the required tonnage during operation.


A hydraulic press works on pascal’s principle that states that pressure remains constant all over the closed system. The system comprises two pistons of which one acts as a pump. This pump applies a small amount of mechanical force on a region of small cross-sectional area. On the other hand, the second piston has a comparatively larger area that is able to produce a substantial amount of mechanical force. When a small amount of force is applied to the smaller piston, a pressure is created that is transmitted to the hydraulic fluid that delivers it to the large piston.


  • Hydraulic presses are available in many types of construction which is also true of mechanical presses. Following construction details just gives the basic idea of dimensions of different parts used in the design module.
  • The base plate is manufactured from a 430x110x10 mm plate by drilling of φ18 at each corner using a vertical drilling machine. The die used for a particularly given shape is welded at the bottom plate. The dimensions of the Top and Middle plate is 430x110x17 mm. Pillar having a diameter of 20 mm and height 510mm, which is allowed to pass through the holes of the plates.
  • After that spring having a free length, 230mm is passed through the pillar which is fixed between the middle plate and base plate so as to get the flexible movement of the Movable plate. Punch is welded at the bottom of the movable plate. Jack is mounted in between the top and middle plates.
  • Single-acting spring return / Double acting oil return.
  • The cylinder is honed to a surface finish of 0.4 microns.
  • Hard chrome plated ram to resist scoring and corrosion.


  1. Full power stroke - The full power of a hydraulic press can be delivered at any point in the stroke. Not only at the very bottom, as is the case with mechanical presses. Advantages? No allowances for reduced tonnage at the top of the stroke. In drawing operations, for example, you have the full power of the press available at the top of the stroke.
  2. Built-in overload protection -A 100-ton hydraulic press will exert only 100 tons of pressure (or less, if you have set it for less) no matter what mistakes you make in the set-up.
  3. Larger capacities at lower cost -It is easier and less expensive to buy certain kinds of capacity in hydraulic presses. Stroke lengths of 12, 18, and 24 inches are common.
  4. Safety - No manufacturer will (or should) claim that hydraulic presses are safer than mechanical presses. Both types of machines are designed and built to be safe if the controls and safety features built-in are used properly.


  1. The handling of hydraulic oil can be messy.
  2. Hydraulic lines could burst due to excess pressure.
  3. Some hydraulic fluids can catch fire.
  4. There are chances of hydraulic fluid leakage.
  5. The system gets heated because the hydraulic fluid is forced through the pump.
  6. It has a low operational speed.
  7. They have relatively high energy consumption.
The machine was tested to ensure conformability to design objectives and serviceability. By performing an experiment for different thicknesses of sheets, it is concluded that molding operation is performed up to 5mm. It is a multi-purpose machine as it can be used for performing different tasks. By changing the die different operations like bending, blanking, etc. can be performed on a hydraulic press machine.


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